Job Vacancy for Foreign Teachers in Huangshan University



Job Vacancy for Foreign Teachers in Huangshan University

Huangshan University is located in the famous tourist city with the beautiful scenery and profound cultural atomasphere --- Huangshan City in Anhui Province of China. With 14 departments covering 40 specialities Huangshan University has become a multi-disciplined full-time school providing a fairly complete range of educational programs such as tourismliterature economic and etc. At present the university has a student population of over 7000 and a faculty of 600 on campus with an area of 20 hectares and RMB 26 million of teaching instruments and experiment equipment.

In the need of teaching the university is now planning to recruit 4 foreign teachers to teach English for the next year. The applicants are supposed to have the bachelors degree and the experience of teaching English as a foreign language abroad. Inquiry about the payment in detail is always welcome.

Applicants should provide a recommendation letter a duplicate of passport resumé and qualification certificate of teaching English in non-English speaking countries through E-mail or Fax.

Contact Information:
Contact Dept.: President Office of Huangshan University
Contact Person: Stan Wong
Address: 9 Jilingshan Road Huangshan City Anhui Province P.R.C.
Postcode: 245041
Tel:    0086559-2546600
Fax: ?? 0086559-2546611
E-mail: ??
Website: ??

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