Introduction to Some Bachelors Degree Programs



Bachelor’s Degree Program of International Hospitality Management

(English-taught Program)

About the Program

The university has established the Sino-France hospitality& management program with VATEL International Business School, Hotel & Tourism Management, France since 2014. Students of this cooperative educational program study four years in HSU, all courses offered in English. It adopts the approach “learning by doing”, namely one week learning in university and one week working in five-star hotels to practice what they learn in class.

Courses Highlights

Management; Human Resource Management; Taxation and Finance; Intercultural Communication; Hotel Sales; Entrepreneurship; International Business; Information Technology; French Gastronomy; Housekeeping; Cooking and Catering Service, etc.


Bachelor’s Degree Program of International Economics& Trade

(Chinese-taught Program)

About the Program

The purpose of this program is to train high-level application-oriented professionals, who can grasp the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills of international economics and trade; who can comprehend and apply into practice the current accepted standards, rules, regulations of international economics and trade and who can meet the development requirement of the market-orientated economy and economic globalization.

Courses Highlights

Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; International Trade; Economics of Money and Banking; International Economics; International Freight Forwarding; Customs Declaration; International Economics and Marketing; International Settlements; International Business Law; International Finance;


Bachelor’s Degree Program of Chinese Language & Literature

(Chinese-taught Program)

About the Program

The Chinese Language & Literature major offers students a structured program to acquire a high level of proficiency in written and spoken modern standard Chinese and in classical Chinese, to develop the cultural competency needed to understand Chinese literature and culture as well as intercultural communicative skills. Students of this program are capable of handling paperwork in cultural and educational sectors.

Course Highlight

History of Ancient Chinese Literature; Contemporary Chinese Literature; History of Modern Chinese Literature; Comparative Literature; Introduction to Literature; Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese; A Brief Introduction to Linguistics; Introduction to Aesthetics, etc.


Bachelor’s Degree Program of

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

(Chinese-taught Program)

About the Program

The program Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages offers students fundamental Chinese, English and other foreign language essentials, a comprehensive understanding of Chinese literature, Chinese culture and Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history. The purpose is to cultivate the potential advanced international education and Chinese language specialists and with language application-orientated talents for relevant units, schools, publishing houses, cultural sectors, as well as enterprises and public institutions to engage in language teaching and cultural exchanges.

Course Highlights

Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese; Introduction to Linguistics; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature; Ancient Chinese Literature; General Chinese Culture; Chinese Writing; Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; Cultural Linguistics; Principles of Language Teaching; and Outline of the Development of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

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